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Manufacturing DIY kits

explodey's Avatar

Last year, I put some videos on youtube of this homemade audio gadget I built in my garage. Two of the videos ended up going viral, and I’ve been getting tons of requests from people asking if they could pay me to build them one. The problem is that making them is a very slow and tedious process, because the measurements have to be so precise, and I just don’t have time to build one for everyone who wants one. But it’s a very simple design, and I’m sure it would be very simple for a machine to make it.

So I’ve heard that there are companies that help people design their own DIY kits to sell, but I’ve been looking around and I haven’t been able to find any. I did find this one company that said they could help, but I think they’re more interested in making really slick, polished products, and I’m more interested in making a cheap and simple kit for hobbyists.

Meanwhile, I ended up creating a MailChimp mailing list so I could keep track of all the people who want to buy one when it’s ready. It’s got nearly 200 people on it, and I still don’t know how I’m going to get this thing manufactured. Could someone recommend a company that might be a good fit? Thanks.

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