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Molding for Disposable Glass/Cold Cup

ssnaider's Avatar


I've been researching around looking for the answer to where should I be sending a new design of a kind of disposable glass or cold cup to manufacture. 

The goal on the utility of my design is to prevent cold liquid dipping, but with a new design. 

So, do you guys know what should I be looking for? Am I looking for an "injection molding"? 

I'm looking for something disposable, so it should be low cost. 

I tried contacting disposable plates/glasses vendors but they told me that they do not provide the service for making a new kind of product, they just offer the quintizillion glasses they already have. :( 

I would first of all like to produce 1.000 units, and after my prospects receive them (and hopefully order!) I be jumping to consistent 10k units per month (or hopefully more!!!). 

Thanks so much, Sebastian. 

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Sebastian,

I am a bit unclear as to your question. However, you indicate 'utility' does this mean you have applied for a patent or not?

Realize that ANY thing you post that indicates the purpose or a description of your product/idea is considered public disclousre. And may hinder your ability to get a patent later on, if this is your goal.  Your post here is public discloure.

Have you researched competitors? It seems to me I have seen a lot of cups that 'catch drips'. If you have customers good for you, but I am wondering if you are perhaps jumping the gun here a bit?

Id first start with Google Patents and search for any products even close to your own. Then backtrack the maker of those items.  Plastic injection moulding can be terribly pricy - and low volume may make the cost of your product to the customer too high?  Not trying to discourage you simply trying to get you to think about the larger picture.

Wish I could be of more help..... best to you.

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gizmo's Avatar

Crystal nothing Sebastian mentioned above IMO would be public disclosure. I wouldnt trust google search. Patents are issued every Tuesday and google patents is never up to date. 

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rharker's Avatar


I'm only guessing that you have a 3D file of your cup.  That would make it much simpler.  There are low volume mold makers in the US that will also quote you for 1000 item run.  You can then take your molds anywhere to have made in quantity. Email me 3d.alliance@gmail.com and I'll hook you up.  I can guarantee that you however won't make back your inital invenstment on a 1000 unit run.

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