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need help marketing and selling my idea

vicages's Avatar

I have patented and license my invention and i having a prototype made. I know nothing about marketing or making have my patent made.. i also have a video for my invention..Any help would be grateful thank you

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Victor and welcome to Edison Nation!

If you're interested in sharing your idea with the Edison Nation team to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities, you're certainly welcome! Check out our active innovation searches here!

Before submitting, I always recommend new users check out the information found on the Edison Nation Help Page. You can also send any specific questions you have on our process to the team here: questions@edisonnation.com

Best of luck!

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vicages's Avatar

Hello Michelle Thank you for your help.. I have my invention Licensed already and i filed for a patent.. i don't know how to manufacture it or going to market with the product myself or where to start or sell my idea..i have a prototype and the specification and drawings for my invention all the hard work is done..

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Victor, 

Thank you for the clarification, Edison Nation as a company does not assist with sourcing or IP filing for ideas that are already licensed. I would recommend speaking with a patent attorney on getting your IP completed. 

We wish you the best of luck, and should you have additional ideas in the future, you're certainly welcome to explore our model. If ideas submitted to EN are licensed, we handle all the heavy lifting for you.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Chase!

A quick note, we do understand that many new folks to our community are looking for a sounding board. There are a ton of forum threads and it can be daunting for folks who are looking for a quick fix. We do our best to help point everyone in the right direction.

People are always welcome to submit direct questions to questions@edisonnation.com or message team members like myself and Kristina Poindexter directly. 

We also encourage all our folks to explore the site as you suggest, reviewing all opportunities and instructions.

Thanks so much!

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