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New to EN...Looking for insight in how to work with a Manufacturer who has Licensing with Professional Sports Teams

lizagurl1's Avatar

Hello, I am new to EN and have been researching on how to get my product out in the market. My husband and I have almost everything in place in regards to the business part of our product (PPA, NDA etc). What we need is how to find a Manufacturer who already has Licensing with Colleges and Professional Teams, my product takes one specific item and improves it for a certain gender. There is nothing on the market and the current Patents are very vague. I have a prototype done and have sketches made for it, I just do not know where to go from here. I have been discouraged by people who tell me that it will cost too much to try and get the logo's and trademarks from the Pro teams. Just thought I can get better insight here? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Liza and Welcome to Edison Nation!

If you are interested in submitting your idea to us to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities you are welcome to do so via our secure online submission system.

To learn more about Edison Nation's process, I highly recommend reviewing the information found on the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck!

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