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patent issued not sure what to do next

pennsyinventor's Avatar

hello ive recently have had a design patent issued for my fishing pole backpack. the company I was working with told me in the beginning that there services would get my invention from idea to store shelves but the company did bare minimum with what was in the contract and sent me my patent and said good luck, there are some details Ive left out but that's the jist of it. my question is what should I do next? if my patent isn't exactly the way I want to market it, can I change things? or is it a big process to make changes? these are questions that ive already asked the company but I either get no response or they give me the run around so id like to just proceed with out dealing with them anymore. I apologize if this is not the right place to put these questions, Im new to the whole forums thing..thanks

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Hi Charles and welcome to Edison Nation!

You're certainly welcome to share your idea with us by submitting to one of our innovation searches!

I encourage you to check out the information found on the Edison Nation Help Page before submitting to ensure we're a fit for you.

Best of luck!


Steffan Blaser
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