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Product Manufactured by EN

eddieserrano27's Avatar

Does anyone knows which products has been manufactured by EN? 

Dominic Sgambellone
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magurn's Avatar

Hi Eduardo!

Edison Nation does not manufacture products. We license products to companies that then manufacture and distribute them.

That being said, you're welcome to check out our Success Stories on the Edison Nation blog here.

Hope this helps to clarify!

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eddieserrano27's Avatar

Hey Michelle thank you for your response. My question came from All Category Search submission. It said that if an idea get selected either EN can funded or can be license to a partner. Have EN funded any idea? 

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Eduardo,

We do reserve the option within our contract to manufacture ourselves, but the majority of our deals are license deals where partners bring the products to market.



Robert Pontius
Eduardo Serrano
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eddieserrano27's Avatar

Thank you Michelle

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