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Travel Expenses

srich12's Avatar

Hello inventors!

I'm entering into my very first licensing negotiations very soon now (going through the NDA process now). Because it's a billion dollar company I'm talking with, I'm wondering if I should request for them to pay my initial travel expenses, or if inventor's are expected to foot the bill for travel in the first stages of discussion. The first trip will be to show them my two prototypes, so I expect if they like my prototypes they will begin paying travel expenses after that (or am I wrong about that?). I'm planning to first send them product documentation outlining my designs (once the NDA is in place), so perhaps if they like my documentation they'll then offer to pay for my trip? And if they don't offer re-reimbursement for travel after seeing my documentation should I consider speaking to another company until I find one that's interested enough to offer expenses? We're talking about somewhere between $600 and $700 for the trip - not prohibitive, but still a budgeting challenge for the average inventor (me!).

Thanks for any tips!

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mrdurnen's Avatar

Why do you think you need to go there? That's why we have Skype

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