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Exercise Machines

wilgeorge11's Avatar

Hello, I am seeking to create and sell some exercise machines to the market. I see so many impractical and useless machines that do not offer a true workout, but I lack confidence still. I have been researching and innovating for about two years now. I wonder if EN could really help me with my goals. I am not we’ll informed with the market just what I see on t.v.. thanks

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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

Not sure, but I think EN has a perpetual open search for exercise items (please confirm/correct me, Michelle). There is a perpetual ASOTV open search if your exercise items are in the $10-20 retail range and demonstrate well.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi William and welcome to Edison Nation!

Daniel is correct, you are welcome to submit your idea to the Edison Nation Open Search for evaluation and potential licensing opportunities.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to check out the Help page to learn more about our process: www.edisonnation.com/faq.

Best of luck!

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joekur's Avatar

Hi William, I believe you can feel confident and comfortable in working with EN. I don’t think they can be beat in offering your ideas the best chance for success for so little up-front investment.

I invite you to read all that you can here in the forums and on the EN blog, especially MIchelle’s recommendation. Learn as much as you can, research your ideas as much as you can, and always remember the process requires great patience (not to mention all the work)! There are a lot of fine people here who will be happy to help when you can’t find the answers you need. But you’ll find that a great many questions have already been answered a great many times here before! :) Read, read, read. And best of luck with your ideas!

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carlganio's Avatar


Welcome. EN can certainly help you with your confidence. Join, submit your innovations. Anticipate success. Accept failure. Take a deep breath. Think. Read the forums. Review the open searches, submit. Repeat. In one year, you WILL have confidence. You will have several red x’s behind you, and several greenies pending. I have enjoyed the wild and crazy ride !

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awildx's Avatargold

Welcome William, you mention not being well informed with the market beyond what’s on tv. I’d recommend at least searching YouTube and google for more ideas like yours to get a better feel for the industry.

Good luck! The exercise equipment has been a staple on the as-seen-on-tv ever since I can remember.

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