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Help with Google Survey Results for a product I'm developing

dcsconcepts's Avatar

Hi Everyone,

I just did two Google Surveys. One was multiple choice answers in which I learned that about 70% of the 100 respondents (a) know about the problem my product would address and the same rough percentage stated that they are concerned about that problem.

I then did a second survey a few days later. It was a simple one-questioner where I vaguely described my product as a solution to the above problem and priced it at $25 (which I think is very doable).

Out of 500 responses, 40% said they would buy it. Of those aged 25-34, more or less my target market, 56% said they’d buy it. Older groups were less enthusiastic. Since my concept is a tech gadget, I’m not too overly surprised by this.

Surprisingly (I think) 51% of those who make under $25K a year would buy it, while only 30% of those who earn $­25,000-$49,999 said they’d buy it. Higher earners were in the 40-50% range.

I have not done surveys like this in the past, and have nothing to compare them to. I read somewhere that analysts were all excited because a large survey indicated that 26% of the respondents said they’d be buying an iPhone 6, which they considered huge.

Thanks for any thoughts, suggestions, advice.


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