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In need of recommendations for reputable companies that do product evaluations for a reasonable fee

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I am new here.  I am looking for any recommendations for reputable companies that do product evaluations for a reasonable fee. I have contacted a few. The 2 that did them for a reasonable fee (Walmart’s Innovation Institute & Innovative Product Technologies) seem to be out of business. They used the PIES system of evaluating. The other company I checked out, Wisconsin Innovation Service Center is charging $1000 which a little pricey for me. Please help. TIA

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Good afternoon A Ferg and welcome to Edison Nation!

If you're interested in having our team evaluate your idea for potential licensing opportunities, you are welcome to submit it via our secure online submission system.

To learn more about how our team works with innovators and our process, please check out the information found on the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck to you!

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Hi A Ferg, Welcome to E.N. and the forums. 

I think you are very wise to seek this kind of evaluation. It can tell you a lot about your target market, competition, and idea viability.

You might try the WIN-I^2 innovation institute in Everton Missouri. My information is old but I think they originated the PIES system and their rates used to be reasonable.

Another option is the United Inventors Association. They also used to offer.

Good luck!

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There are a bunch of outfits that will charge you $5,000 to stick your product name into a useless presentation in a 3-ring binder.  If you fall for that, they will try to sell additional nonsense.  You need to become the expert in your product area so you should spend a good chunk of time learning many things.  After that, if it looks suitable for EN, why not submit the idea to EN.  If it looks UN-suitable for EN, consider Kickstarter.  Or consider venturing it yourself on a small scale to test the market.  If $1,000 is what you want to use to get the ball rolling, EN would be your best bet.  You may need to slap together some prototypes to test and refine and re-test your idea to make the best possible presentation to EN.  Technically, you could submit it today, to EN, but I always suggest that the inventor do some "proof of concept" and refinement, if possible.           

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memyselfandi4's Avatar

Thank you for your replies. I looked up the Innovation Institute and they seem to not be taking any more submissions. I'll try the United Inventors Association. I would prefer to pay a lot less than $1000 though. I'll look around some more and then check out EN's evaluation if I cannot find anything else. Thanks!

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