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INPEX 2017

jarve's Avatar

Will anyone be attedning INPEX in June?

The event claims to be the largest inventors conference in the country.

Has anyone attended past conferences?

How can one gain the most by attending?

Charlie Lumsden
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shmidster's Avatar

hi Roger, I think that is a rule that most B to B trade shows have 

attendees can try to pitch but it is not really fair if you didn't pay to exhibit so at your own risk :)

You can always collect information and names and pitch people/companies after the show (probably the best way to go about it)

What do you think?

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countofmontecristo's Avatar

Roger is correct.

I might also add the fact that several 'scouts' from various far away places also like to troll for easy catches there.  Have seen it done to a couple of close friends. Think about it...like shooting a lot of fish in a fairly small barrel. 

Forewarned is forearmed.

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inovate's Avataree_badge

James,Welcome to EN! I've never been, but maybe someone else will share their experience. If you are going, I hope it is all you imagined.

Aloha Charlie

Ralph Machesky
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shmidster's Avatar

That is true, Ralph and Roger

afterall INPEX is really put together and run by Inventhelp so......

Ralph Machesky
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