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Manufacturer and Potential Licensees - Getting Price Quotes

jldawson's Avatar

My husband and I are at the point where we need to reach out to manufacturers of our product to get some price quotes, prior to approaching potential licensees with the idea.  However, the manufacturers and potential licensees would be the same companies.

Any tips on how to go about doing this?  Do we skip the price quote step?  Or try to combine the two steps into one?  Not really sure where to go from here.  Thanks for any help!

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jldawson's Avatar

Roger, thank you for your reply.  So the next step (according to the plan we are following) is to get some price quotes so that when we approach a potential licensee we will have an estimate as to what our product would cost to make.  

However, the companies we would reach out to in order to get price quotes would also be the companies we would reach out to for potential licensee deals.  (At least that's what I'm thinking at this moment).  The product we have invented is already a product on the market, however it's size and application has been tweaked for a particular purpose.  

So I'm just not sure if we skip the quote process and go right to the potential licensee with our idea, as they should be able to determine the general cost (if interested) as it is something they already manufacture.  Just the size and a few other details would be new to this type of product.  

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jdowney9000's Avatargold

Don't use the words: idea, invention, or innovation.

Instead use the words: How much would you charge for...?


The way I read it is: they are trying to calculate how many units they will need to sell; to see a sizable return on tooling and overhead. And subsequently calculate how many stores they will need to distribute to.

I approach companies for quotes on similar products to see if my idea is worth paying the provisional filing fee.


Please correct me if I misread =]

Burke Richter
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