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New Search: Physical Training For Pregnant Women

uwavera's Avatar

Hi all, Well, I am new here, and I have an idea of starting up a service business of training pregnant some physical exercises during the stages of their pregnancy.

Need Edison Nation to know more about the marketing potential of this business.

And also some great ideas about this business.


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williamj's Avatargold

Hi Vera and welcome to EdisonNation and the EdisonNation Forums !!!

I can’t say for sure but I believe that EN’s business plan deals only with specific “hands on” physical concepts. I don’t believe (and I could be wrong) that EN is a business “backer” per say.

Best of luck and once again… Welcome !!

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brainstream's Avatargold

Welcome Vera. Edison nation is most interested in unique products that can be patented and mass produced to mass markets. They license goods, not services. Now if you had a specific product that was ideal for your target audience, that might be more applicable to EN business model

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Vera,

Welcome to EN! We are happy to have you! Todd and William are correct – EN reviews product ideas in all categories. You are welcome to submit your idea, but please ensure how the idea would be able to be patented and licensed.

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