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Retailers that EN works with.

phonepaal's Avatargold

Edison Nation's "Who We Work With" retailers include Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.  If EN is presented with a product that is somewhat more niche (let's say a shoe product that would sell well in Foot Locker), does EN ever reach out to other retailers not listed in the website that are more specialty, like one would find in a mall?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Rex!

The list of companies on our site is not exhaustive by any means. If a product reaches pitching, our Licensing team will approach all potential companies that may be a fit to license the product. Keep in mind, we often do deals at the manufacturer level. 

For example, if you share a mop innovation, the EN team is going to look for a home for it with a mop manufacturer who has wide distribution at multiple retailers versus the retailer itself.

Hope this clarifies!

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