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Stage 3 and 6

bennyb30's Avatar

OK I’m sitting at G5 which feels good. I have a question about Stage 3&6. I did my homework before submitting my idea and found one product that is patented and I felt EN team needed to know about it so I provided the products patent info and the products website on my submission. Its not like my idea but you could say its in the same category. So my question is if EN Team felt like it was to close to my idea they would have gave my a R3 based on the info I disclosed? Am I likely to get a G6 if that is the only product I was wondering about?

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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

Hi Ben,

Welcome to Edison Nation and congrats on your first G5.

You were absolutely right mention the other patent in your submission, even if you weren’t sure if it was relevant prior art. Some people think that if they find something similar, they shouldn’t mention it in the submission because that would decrease their chances of licensing the idea. That isn’t true at all. Chances are, the EN team will also find something similar and you would have wasted their time. Even worse would be to have no one catch it until the invention is developed. If that happened, a competitor would certainly catch the prior art and the inventor and EN would not get any licensing monies. This would also damage the relationship with EN and the Licensed Product Search sponsor.

Prior art searches can be tedious and frustrating but they increase the chance of you being a successful inventor. Often you discover something similar and you analyze why the prior art hasn’t been a successful product and you come up with a better solution than the one you had earlier.

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bennyb30's Avatar

Thank you for the information and responses it helped. I’m at the fire station today on duty and when I get a little down time I check my EN account about a 1000 times. (No Joke) .
So I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to all the EN folks out there.

Stay Green

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