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Target User vs Target Customer

awildx's Avatargold

I have struggled with this in the past, when filling out my submissions I get to the “Target User” and “Target Customer” sections and start to get confused.

Can anyone clarify the differences with any example(s)?

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speedbump's Avatar

Good question Adam and it’s one that I had my own interpretation of which pretty much was in line with Michael’s. I tried researching “Target User” and Target Customer" and everything that I found would always speak of “Target Market” and “Target Audience” but I didn’t find any definition of what I was searching for. I always thought that at times the Target user and Target customer would be the same under my definition of the two terms if the person who was using the item was the same one that would most likely buy the item and therefore be the customer..

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kdc's Avatar

The way I look at it is….say the product is baby diapers. The target user would be babies and the target customer would be the parents…since the baby would be using them, but the parents would be purchasing them, making them the customer.

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gushlawnews's Avatar

They all sound good to me, maybe they should be more specific. My idea is 1 of a kind and they give me bad examples that are not like mine and say sorry, others are out there. Communication is lacking a little. IMO

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inovate's Avataree_badge

Hi Adam, You would think EN would make it easy for us simpletons.
Maybe they will shine some light. :)
I just got a message from the universe and it said the Archie wanted to give you one of the first answers that came to his mind, being.. It’s kinda like “Target Pratice” and it’s all a crap shoot! lol
“I am the target market” ..how bout you? Is a question I always like to put on my submissions.

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speedbump's Avatar

Kathleen …. That’s a good example. I suppose you might wait a few decades the person using the diapers could also be the consumer …. or if you wait a real long time then someone else is buying the diapers for the user again. I guess it’s good to know who is your target customer.

Wait just a minute" Charlie … I resemble that remark …. lol

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marcelselten's Avatar

unless youre a sniper…

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speedbump's Avatar

You’re Welcome Frank ….. some people are just so predictable …… lol

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magurn's Avatar

Good morning to all!

Target Users and Target Customers can often be one and the same, but it depends on the category. In general, the Target User is the person who would be using the product while the Target Customer is the person buying the product.

For example…in a toy search, the Target User would be the child who would be playing with the toy, while the Target Customer would be the parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc.

Have also taken thoughts around simplifying the submission process into consideration and are planning on adding some helpful hints as a part of our 2015 plan…stay tuned!

In the interim, you can always either post within forums or send a query to questions@edisonnation.com.

A great day to all!

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williamj's Avatargold

Ummm… Uhhhh… Frank’s buyin’ !!!

LoLoLoL !!

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colleennoonan's Avatar

Funny Frank! Good question Adam, often wondered if I was interpreting that correctly myself!

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