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The ultimate futuristiccar!

zaki.trabi's Avatar

Hi Edison nation members, I just want to ask you how do I make my idea become a real life successful  product, I have been working on it since 2006, it's the ultimate car to me, I have done  researches to find out if it has been invented already, but it appears that nobody thought of it before me! I even made the prototype of it, I also invented a new type of gearbox, and also 2 more more things about the car it s very fast yet safer than today's cars, it has a cyberpunk futuristic design, but I a planning to change its design and make it look modern instead of "futuristic" or "cyberpunk".

My biggest problem is, I live in a third world country and nobody here encourages inventors and creative people, and I am also in a very bad situation, very poor, so all I guess that in the end I will have to sell my idea and prototype to a car company, is this a good idea? 

And if there is a better option, suggest it to e, like finding people who can help me bring my invention from the imaginary world to the real world!

I apologize for my bad English, I hope you understand what I just wrote.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to your response and opinions. 

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Zakaria and welcome to Edison Nation!

First, a quick note, please be advised that posting within the forums is public, so please ensure you are not disclosing confidential or sensitive information that is not protected.

If you are interested in sharing your idea with the Edison Nation team to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities, you are welcome to do so by submitting to one of our searches.

To get started, we strongly suggest reviewing the content found on the Edison Nation Help Page.

We wish you the best of luck!

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