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Toys that went wrong Look at #13

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Pretty much EVERY toy I grew up with was dangerous one way or the other. It made some of us kids pretty tough, I'll say that much.   The were of course those kids who were thrill seekers from day one and they usually got hurt quickly.

A couple of examples from my day:

You had to STEER this with that big old metal 'joystick'. Hard as heck to steer AND if you ran into something....ouch!  The seat belt was pure marketing... didn't really help much.

And then there is this 'firebug' toy Mattel affectionately called the Time Machine. 

It came with blocks of dinosaurs, bugs and other shapes that you placed onto the cooking 'grid' and they would melt and expand  before your eyes.  When you were tired of them, you melted them all the way down and dropped them into that little car-crusher vise thingy.

Needless to say, you learned you could melt all kinds of things in that 'toy'. Epic fail on Mattel's part. 

And yes, I and my family grew up playing lawn darts which were the definition of dangerous.

Patric J
Kim L
Paul Ortega
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Michael, so true.  I have been trying to come up with a new toy idea for the toy search.  Every idea I come up has some kind of hazard.  When I saw the toys featured, I knew I was going to have a hard time coming up with a safe toy.  I am an old school type.  All my toys growing up required some kind of caution.  Like you I had the darts as well.  The best dangerous toys I had was a bow and arrow and a Daisy BB gun. I am still here with all my body parts.  Hope the topic I started helps someone coming up with a good  idea.  As for me, I have nothing. But I am still thinking.  Best of Luck to all.

Patric J
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Oh my... we had the Creepy Crawly bug making machine.  Can't remember if we ever got burned, but those kinds of things are a great learning experience. 

When I think of all the fumes I've inhaled over the years... mimeograph ink, anyone?  Ha!  Loved that smell.  Everyone in class would take a good breath in when the papers were passed out.  It's a wonder we can still put our shoes on the right foot. 

Yeah, the PC thing has really ruined being a kid. I remember when my older son was young I'd worry about him falling and getting hurt. One day I realized that I used to run on the fence and jump off the roof, so I sent him out to be the rough and tumble kid he was made to be.  We were both better for it.

Patric J
Paul Ortega
Ralph Machesky
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I LOVED the Creepy Crawlers - does anyone remember the Critter Molds? Where we made little dragon parts and such?  And the Easy Bake Oven - OMG I loved that.  The other ones, well?  Dont recall but pretty informative.  

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