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Use the searches, Luke!

countofmontecristo's Avatar

You can use the force if you want to, sometimes they buy that whole waving of the hand trick...

Jedi mind tricks aside, what I'm talking about is linked information.  With the power of the internet came the rise of searchable, linked information.

For instance, when you do a simple Google query with the word 'Skymall' you 'll get the most relevant hits for Skymall, as you would expect.

Notice, however, the right hand side of the search page.  Not only does Google show you what asked for but even more goodies.

They search and link a short list of other companies 'related' to your search terms.  This is a great way to do your market research as they find and list companies that you may have never thought of!  I also noticed the same type of behavior from Hoover's Online (business financials website). They always list the top 3 competitors to whatever company you are researching there.  Knowledge is power and presorted, filtered, linked knowledge is very powerful indeed!

My first patent was related to finding and retrieving information on the internet and I also use the above technique when listing 'competitors' in the EN searches here.

What's that, you say? You don't know who the competing companies are for your entry into the latest search?  Google does, and now you do to!

Kim L
Charlie Lumsden
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