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A conversation not to have with a present-day younger you.

williamj's Avatargold

Me:            Oh, that’s really good.

Other Me:  Yeah, man, that’s bad.

Me:            No, that’s not bad; that’s good.

Other Me:  Yeah, that’s what I said, that’s bad.

Me:            Look, good is good and bad is bad.

Other Me:  Yeah, good is good, bad is bad and bad is good.

Me:            What? You’re confusing me.

Other Me:  Yeah, I can see that. Sorry, my bad.

Me:            Huh?

Kim L
Derrick James
Jose Rey
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djp38's Avatar

Other Other Me: Sorry, my bad, I meant my good.

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

I've been meaning to read this topic, but kept forgetting.  Good one williamj.  You're a bad dude....I mean you're a good dude.

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