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"All categories search" vs "ASOTV search"

jbna's Avatar

I am very confused about the difference between these search categories and hoping someone can clear things up: "All categories search" vs "ASOTV search"

If I submit an idea to one of these categories, does my idea get passed through and looked at in both categories?  What I mean is, if my idea gets denied in one category, will it get denied if submitted in the other category?  Is it worth submitting twice like that?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi John!

These two searches have different criteria for evaluation. The All Category search is just that - ideas that are able to be patented in all categories.

The ASOTV search is for products that are demonstrable for ASOTV TV spots, or direct response. Definitely check out the search pages for each search to learn more.

Regarding how they are reviewed, if you submit to one, and your idea is declined, it does not automatically mean that it will be declined in the other search - each search is reviewed for its specific criteria. 

One thing you may want to consider, if you are interested, (but it is certainly not required for evaluation), is Insider membership. With Insider membership, you would receive feedback on your idea if it is declined in one search. You would then have the opportunity, if you feel it is a fit for both, to update it based on the feedback and opt it into the other search for free. To learn more about Insider membership, go to the Insiders page.

If you have idea-specific questions, you are welcome to submit those to questions@edisonnation.com.

You can also learn more about our process by visiting the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck!

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freezeabowls's Avatar

Hello, It's good to know that All Category search is technically only one search. I was under the impression it was "all searches". I know EN does there best to avoid this confusion but it's difficult. 

Anyway, I just submitted a new product idea to the All Category search, however, I believe it has potential for DRTV.  I'm an insider, can I submit to both at the same time? 

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williamj's Avatargold

You can submit any idea to as many searches as are apropriate for that idea. As an insider you receive insider points as your submission moves through evaliation, but only on the paid submission.

Derrick James
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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Yes, what William said....   :)

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