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Better insider benefits -- Why not give some feedback to insiders, before rejection?

tboult's Avatargold

As an insider for all my submissions I was expecting Feedback along the way, not just Red/Green status.   In the blog post https://blog.edisonnation.com/2018/02/the-scoop-on-edison-nation-insider-membership/

it says  "Insiders receive ongoing feedback from the Edison Nation team. Whether an idea is in the process of being pitched or if it has not been selected to move forward in our review, the Edison Nation evaluation team will provide helpful information to help Insiders improve their ideas."

But  after reading more about feedback in other places I realize it may just have been my error  as the membership page  does say 

      Feedback at all stages. We'll offer feedback on your idea if it's not selected to move forward at any stage in the review.

so I was just reading more into it than was stated, i.e. reading what I hoped it would say. 

But I would like to suggest that bigger value add for insiders would be some feedback along the way as well.   I imagine that the internal process, with thousands of ideas, requires documentation at every state or they would just be a jumble of ideas very quickly.   Sharing some of that, at least after major milestones such as G3 (review) and/or G4 (research), could really be a benefit to both sides.  Any criticisms raised, even if overall positive-green status,  might get the inventor to rethink and improve earlier.  

In my case, I have to decide if it is worth filing my own full patents on an idea at G4 EE/G3 CF.   (My provisional filing date was early may, so time to get started if I will file).   The information from the professionals at EN review would be very valuable to me in making such business decisions.   

Free submissions was a nice perk, but pales in comparison to the value of feedback.  Even rough notes from the team presented as-is with clear statements that we cannot ask questions about it, would be far more valuable.  

C. R.
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