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Do edited revised submissions actually receive a proper review??

epinephrine's Avatar

I had sent in a submission titled"_____" . A couple days after I had reviewed my idea, I had found out it needed revamping due to a product being on the market/patented. So my idea was retitled/renamed and became  something that was way beyond said product, something completely different. What I am trying to say is That I feel my submission was preordained to fail. My insider feed back was irrelevant to my new design or concept. My insider feed back was based on my old title name and concept. I felt the insider feed back did not consider or pertain to what I had revised in my updated submission. I am very disappointed in the insider feedback. Does anyone else have any thoughts??

Salty Link
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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Kenneth -  you should contact the Support team directly with submission specific questions, as they can review the exact submission you have a question on. The timing of when you did updates/changes can have an impact.If your original entered information was slated for rejection, did you update the support team that significant changes had been made, did you make the update clear on your submission ? That is why reaching out directly to the support team first is your best first step to address your questions.

Kristina Poindexter
Kenneth Gerald James Mailloux
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epinephrine's Avatar

Okay, thank you for taking your time to answer and clarify my question. I really do appreciate it. I sent in a email, Thanks again Scott. 

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