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Hi all, 

So I once was an active member a few years back on this site. 

During this time I submitted several ideas, some ended with a R1 well others made it all the way to a R8.

I'm writing this to hopefully  provide an honest opinion of this site based on my own experience with Edison Nation, and hopefully this post will be allowed to remain posted.  

Now before I continue for the record as I'm sure there will be plenty of comments heading my way for writing this,

I would like to state, I'm not some ego maniac who is un able to accept rejection.

I also have a full understanding of the idea of "collective thinking" and what you believe is a unique concept turning out 

not to be so.  

Here is my story about an idea I submitted to one of EDISON NATIONS sponsored searches, and how it effected 

my opinion of the site.

The search was for new toy concepts  featuring Roger Shiffman, best known for running the company that created 

the furby toy.  

It was 2017 and at the time I was freelancing for several fast fashion companies. Regularly I would receive new 

fabrics from our overseas factories for inspirations.

So one day I received this super cool fabric that changed colors and was super addictive to play with, right away I 

was thinking this needs to be made into a toy! After hours of online searching, I did not find one toy 

utilizing this material...as of yet. 

 I knew this idea was a winner! I looked into sourcing and other resources to simply produce a prototype of my idea, 

thats when I saw the Edison nations toy idea search, almost like it was serendipity. 

So I put together my presentation and submitted it to the search. My submission included video of fabric samples drawings and additional ideas for production (as in it was clear cut) it quickly passed the first three screening sections 

(meaning Edisons "official" trademark and copyright search as well turned up nothing like this)  

Then my idea made it all the way to the final round, which means that it would be reviewed and considered by Roger shiffman himself. 

I thought great because even if Roger doesn't go for it, Edison has partnerships with so many other companies that produce toys ex: Hasboro.  figuring if an idea has made it to the final round Edison must at least realize its potential.

So in the end as I'm sure you who are reading this you guessed already, I received a R8.  Reason that it was ultimately rejected was simply due to the fact that it look like another top brand, which for me didn't really make sense as I had provided a concept that easily could've been altered to fix this concern. As well the brand they were referring to did not utilize this material at all. 

So that was that. 

So again if you haven't guessed yet, this "magical unique material" I was talking about was reversible mermaid 


 In case you've been living under a rock for the last two years its that fabric that is now on every toy in the store, if 

you have a child from age 0-18  simply take a look into there room and I'm positive you will find something with this.

Shimmeez the biggest " reversible sequin" branded toy from the "Hollywood teddy bear company" released in 2018 was actually named in "The national" as one of the best new toys brand of 2018. 

So here I am a once avid defender of the Edison nation model, but now left with a nasty taste in my mouth.

Do I believe my idea was stolen by Edison nation, no (and really how would I prove that if I did)

Should I have trusted my instinct and followed through with my concept despite the R8 received, clearly yes.

 I guess the real issues in the end for me is that I trusted Edison nation to actually give my concept a real chance, 

and it seemed like as soon as it was marked to R8 it was thrown away without further consideration. 

I don't believe any company that was actually interested in making money of its members concepts would disregard 

potential money making ideas so easily, nor would the only charge 20$ for professional consideration.   

This is why my final conclusion of This site is that it is more of an outlet to submit ideas vs bringing your ideas to life. 

I say that not as a negative, as I believe that some people really do benefit from constructive criticism or simply being forced to think out side the box. Creativity is great for the sole. Who knows perhaps this site has been an amazing outlet for new inventor simply wanting a reason to start creating.  

Regardless I know based on my experience that any ideas I have that I know are Golden will now go straight to potential investors or industry people (especially when its market place time sensitive)

The simple fact is that the big selling products you see listed on the front page of the site . (eggie, bacon bowl etc are few in the many)  and if there are members making money on other ideas I have yet to see any updates apart from the very closely constructive community. 

Will I still submit ideas to Edison in the future? 

Maybe, reason being I still like that Edison Nation searches as they do inspire creativity within me which for me is relaxing. 

Hey 20$ is cheaper then a massage. 

However lets just say my expectations of the outcome are far far more realistic now, as should everyone elses. 

Thanks for reading :)

Salty Link
Mary Kisko
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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Hey Kristen I'm sorry you feel somewhat disappointed with your results and R8.  A lot of us have been there one way or another. I know I have.  It could have been bad timing on your part as the ball had already started rolling from the manufacturer of the fabric, most likely had shown it to others before you actually saw it.  Thus giving someone else a jump on using it on the product that they said looked like yours.  Its a fast paced business.  I thought the same way about that cameleon fabric Michael J. Fox wore in Back To The Future.  I wanted to make a hat out of that fabric.  They already had wind breaker tops and pants made from it.  Now you can get vinyl graphics and paint with that ability.  And yes I have gotten the it looks like this too.  I am still sending in ideas, which I have three in now. Two have been R8's in several searches.  Sometimes its putting it in with the right search or sponsor. My well hasn't ran dry as I have several new ideas to submit yet.  Don't never give up. Best wishes.  

Derrick James
Mary Kisko
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linkylink's Avatar

No not really. I suggested a "small beanie babies sized toy using a particular material. The response was "it looks to much like a beanie baby toy" so ya make it slightly bigger?? Problem solved.

I'm sure yes quote on quote the"ball was rolling on this product before my concept was submitted...but maybe not". You can have a finished pre production sample of a stuffed toy, good to go for trades shows and sales meeting in less then two weeks if you pay. 

Still not my point, 

My point was Edison Nation hadn't heard of it yet, when I did submit it.They as well as myself seriously dropped the ball on the idea, because less then 3 years later this concept has exploded over the market.  

Btw now even Beanie babies have started applying the sequins to their existing products.

Anyways I know how the local die hard Edison fans in this forum are going reply with the usual to say better luck next time, and me too stories and unfortunately miss the entire point which is... Use edison nation as a creative outlet..a muse to inspire..and every now and then some positive feed back but lets be real folks. if you want something done right and you really believe in your product then you got to do it yourself.  Cause if I had launched my idea on kick starter when I had it vs waiting 3 months for edison to hold the rights then reject it chances are I would've had a nice piece of the mermaid sequin pie.yum yum.

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

For what it's worth, there are hundreds of stories of how most every fortune 500 company rejected an idea or concept that later became a golden egg for a competitor. Point being, most companies may have certain focus, insights or specialties which will limit their opportunities at any given time. As they say "Hindsight is 20/20".  Trying to identify what will be the next successful technology, trend or revolution is what makes these companies spend billions on research and development. Yet, less than 10 percent of their products end up being successful. Best of luck to all.

Derrick James
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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Kristen - We are sorry that you feel the way that you do, but appreciate the fact that you have shared your views. I can advise that I took the time this morning to quickly review the exact submission that you are speaking about. 

One of the clearly stated goals of Edison Nation is to provide the most opportunities for our community members to have their ideas presented to potential licensing partners, those partners then make decisions on if they have an interest in the commercial viability of the ideas that are presented. With that said, we also clearly speak about the ability to provide patent protection as a key aspect of what we do. We have partners that desire innovation, and they truly desire to hopefully find innovation that they can go to market with protection on.

In regards to mermaid sequins, the fabrics itself (even as described in the original submission) was not a new technology and it was already, at the time of submission, appearing in many products ranging from kids backpacks to home goods (i.e. - throw pillows and more). 

As we did not find publicly disclosed IP at the time of the review, our team made the decision to move your submission forward and include it in the presentation. Should we not have done that ? Perhaps, since the material was already widely available in other products we could have taken a harder line on the concept and said it likely won't pass any IP reviews because of non-obvious ruling as it was already being used in other products, etc. but we didn't. We choose to present the concept to a search partner and give it an opportunity. 

Do we regret providing the submission with the opportunity for a toy industry expert and search partner to review it/consider it ? Absolutely not.

The search partner made a decision to not move forward with the submission, that is NOT Edison Nation's fault or decision, yet we provided your submission with the opportunity for consideration, and yet we seem to be getting blamed that it didn't work out. 

We absolutely wish that every submission would work out for every innovator, but is that a reality ? No, Is it 100% in our control ? No.

So, I can advise that Edison Nation had heard of it when it was submitted, the material was being deployed in other product categories already, and we still gave the submission an opportunity for consideration by the search partner. 

So, while I think the criticism is misplaced, I appreciate the time and thought that you put into the posting and absolutely wish that things would have worked out differently, but we gave the submission an opportunity and the search partner choose not to move forward with the product, and every company searching for innovation has the right to make the decisions that they make, even if we don't like the result or agree with the decision at times. 

I guess I am confused as to how we are getting criticized in the situation when the search was specifically for Roger Shiffman, the search ran from Feb. 28th through May 2nd. The idea was submitted on April 16th, and went into G7 on May 24th, it was presented on May 30th and the R8 was delivered on June 22nd. So in barely 60 days, your idea went through the process and was presented , given the opportunity in the search it was submitted to and it was R8'd when that search sponsor chose not to consider it further.

So, you did not wait three months while we held the rights, it was given a real chance - it was presented as part of the search it was submitted to,  and to say it was thrown away without further consideration after it was given an R8, well it was rejected from the search that it was submitted to, and based upon the innovator agreement that is electronically signed when submitting, the submission can only be considered for that search itself. That is one of the benefits of being an Insider, if one wanted to they could have Opted In for Free the concept into another search, but that is a decision that the Innovator must make. 

We do hope that you do continue to consider to submit future ideas to Edison Nation, as we will do all we can to give them an opportunity, but also respect your decision if you choose another path as well. Whatever you do, stay creative .

Kenneth Gerald James Mailloux
Kenneth Rainbolt
Andre Mikalsen
Kristina Poindexter
Douglas Parry
Derrick James
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linkylink's Avatar

Very diplomatic answer. 

still is what it is. 

Seems the responses here are defend edison nation... 

Which i'm not sure why that is needed.

You guys have a great platform that encourages ideas in people and inspire creativity.  Which I have mentoned several times.

My point is that I shouldn't have let my concept die after the r8.   I never suggested i invented mermaid sequins and yes your absolutely right scott when you say that it was within the market at the time, home fashions and school bags etc. I know for myself if I had followed my orginal instinct and jumped on the bandwagon when I thought to things might have been different. It's called trend forcasting... 

Maybe this concept never belonged within this specific search to begin with as it ws more of a who is going to do it first sort of situation vs. Brand new concept.

All I'm saying is putting all your eggs in the edison nation basket isnt always the best move... And some concepts aren't the right fit for this platform regardless of it passing the approval phase.

Anyways It's clear I've opened a sensitive topic here..as Edison nation clearly prides itself on being the one stop spot for inventers, and ignores the fact that the bacon bowl was a hit 4 years ago.. Hair chalk never actually worked, and eggies can be found at any garage sale around the world. Clearly Inpulse purchases do make money but lets be real these products are no "light bulbs" 

But what do I know I'm Canadian. 

Feel free to delete my account Scott ;)

Salty Link
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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Kristen - 

I have no issue with you having the opinion that you have, I merely wanted to state factual information about the situation where Edison Nation had been criticized.

We will certainly leave this comment within the forum thread and have no reason to delete it despite the fact that it violated published Forum Rules. 

  • Do not post derogatory comments about fellow members, the EN team or partner companies.

I certainly find your negative comments directed towards other ideas that fellow Edison Nation community members did find success with, to be unacceptable. We certainly don't find it right to detract from the success that those individuals found with their submissions.

Edison Nation is an option that innovators can use to move their concepts forward, but we always tell people that we want to see independent innovators be successful, if we can play a role in that... great, but if not through us, we still wish them success. We also tell people that we may not be right for everyone, and we encourage folks to make the decision that is right for them.

Derrick James
Kenneth Rainbolt
Andre Mikalsen
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dljinnovations's Avatargold

I think it is possible for ANYONE to be successful with the EN platform, but that DOES NOT necessarily mean that EN is right for EVERYONE.

I do not share your opinions, Kristen, but I do respect your right to express your opinions based your experiences.

I don't believe there is anything left to say on this subject, but I do wish you well as you pursue future ideas on your own.  It is certainly possible.  EN is not the only path to success, but it is a viable one.  All the best.

Saletta .
John Vilardi
Robert Pontius
Scott Dromms
Riyad Hasanali
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