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Mi. Inventors Expo

goodrs1962's Avatargold

A big Thank You to the EN team for the opportunity to attend the Inventor Expo held in Lansing yesterday. The Expo was very informative , encouraging and genuinely inspiring! 

The day was further highlighted by meeting EN team member Aimee Carroll and community member Don Ashley.

And.... The entire day was free! [Admission, Lunch, Parking and included a signed copy of featured speaker 'Stephen Key's' book!] 

Thanks again to EN and Aimee for making me/us feel like valued members[s]!   

Mary Kisko
Aimee Carroll
Jose Rey
Vee R___
Robert Pontius
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kabuj's Avataree_badge


Rodney Goodrich
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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Sounds like you had a great experience Rodney.  I'm glad that you found the day informative, encouraging and inspiring.

I agree, Aimee is a great addition to the EN team.

Aimee Carroll
Rodney Goodrich
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