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Pet reptile and amphibian patents

edisonbrain59's Avatar

Hello, glad to meet you all at Edison Nation. Just want to know if anybody here have any experience in licensing to the pet manufacturers and the fish and reptile manufacturers in particular.?

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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

Hi Derek,

I'm a reptile owner too. I've had some reptile ideas but never pursued them. Depending on your idea, it may be too niche for Edison Nation. If you think it has broad appeal, try submitting it here.

The reptile supply industry is generally limited to a couple companies so submitting directly to them is a good idea. Steven Key's "One Simple Idea" is a great guide for submitting directly to companies without spending a lot.

Derek B. Ford
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karenadams's Avatar

I worked in the pet industry for many years. Reptile and fish products have come such a long way and animals are very near and dear to my heart.
Not sure though if the company I recall is still open to outside submissions or not though.
(Had a 3 12 ft Savannah monitor named Fluffy)
I create novelties but did come up with an idea for the recent Balloon Time search and had a great time throughout the process. 
We never really know what searches are coming or what will inspire us too. 

Derek B. Ford
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edisonbrain59's Avatar

Hi Dan and Karen,

Glad you answered my post, I was surprised. This is my first rodeo doing this social media thing, so be patient with me. I don't Facebook or twitter much so I'm not up to date on all the nuances. I feel stupid, because even our president more fluent in Facebooking than me, and he's older than me!

Since you guys seem to have more experience in licensing than me, my next question is, should I put all my eggs in one basket by dealing with Edison Nation exclusively or pursue other licensors simultaneously. I know there are such things as non-exclusive licensee agreement's. I don't know how long the decision process takes at Edsison but I think it would be smart to try to hedge your bet by having more than one company in the process. What do you think?

PS What do you feed that giant Savannah monitor lizard ? 

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karenadams's Avatar

Unfortunately Fluffy required whole mice live. When I bought her I knew she wasn't  going to be cared for properly. She was gifted to a woman my age about a year later. she had always wanted one and she brought me pics of the monitor sitting on her sofa with her dogs.
From what I understand regarding EN si that you can submit products to other companies until you reach a particular stage with EN. ( I am not 100% confident of mentioning the stage so someone else will need to answer). When you reach this particular stage you need to be exclusively with EN in order to pursue or I believe you drop out of that EN search should you decide to go another route.
In my opinion there are much better things to be savvy with than Facebook or Twitter. Take this for example. What we do in being creative and inventing. Many cannot do any of this, be able to advise or see another's vision.
Now Facebook and Twitter you can always get someone to help you with. 
Twitter I am not fond of but Facebook I know pretty well.  If you have questions  message me and I will attempt to assist.

Derek B. Ford
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