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Random Question...

zookiebeyerdorf's Avatar

Haven't posted for the longest time, but I'm looking for answers and I can't find what I'm looking for on the internet...

Here's my scenario...Just before Christmas, I bought 3 identical battery operated LED strings of lights. I also grabbed a pack 

of AA batteries from my local Dollar Tree store. Two strings were woven into two indoor wreaths, and one was woven into a 

length of fake garland; which I ran along top a mirror in my front hall. Just two days before Xmas, I put two up 2 (outsider art) 

pictures my father had painted just before his death ten years prior. I had just received the paintings a couple of weeks 

before. Christmas morning I turned all three lights on for the first time and left them on. All three on the same setting (power 

on, and not on a timer) Within three days the wreath's batteries were drained. But the one under my father's paintings kept 

going, and going, and going..At about six weeks in they did dim a little bit but quickly stabilized. Everyone was afraid to 

move them. After ten weeks, we as a family carefully took them down and checked if we had made a mistake and they were 

somehow on a timer. They were not...They had dimmed slightly again but not much...So we carefully unwound the string 

from the garland and put them in a box. Ducked taped the box securely, leaving a viewing slit. It's been sitting on my dining 

room table ever since...We check it every day...Just past the 4 month mark... Now can anyone give me a suitable 

explanation, with a article to back it up, why this could happen? Is there a simple explanation? I don't believe my father is 

somehow keeping them going all this time, although, I cannot rule out, that when his paintings were put up after ten years of 

me trying to procure them from a sibling, he was around and delighted they were out of an attic and finally hung on a 

prominent wall. Maybe his energy supercharged those batteries? Crazy huh? My granddaughter keeps saying Hanuka's got 

nothing on us. Although I had to remind her, the Jewish circumstances far outweigh our crazy Christmas gift from my dad. 

Still, a miracle is a miracle...Or is there actually another explanation. 

Scratching our heads in Florida...  

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williamj's Avatargold

Hey Tannis!!! Where you bin??? Don't do dat no mo.

My first thought was the batteries. Places like the Dollar Tree store acquire a lot of their merchandise from overseas where they lack scrutiny from institutions like the UL. It isn't all that unusual for overseas (and even some made in the USA) merchandise to have anomalous characteristics. Apparently, some batteries had way too much shelf life and others, during manufacturing, had a little too much of this and way too much of that. Or, and most likely, the LED strings that didn't last very long drew too much current and drained the batteries too quickly. I have had LED lights, literally, last months and months.

Other than that, it's shades of the "Twilight Zone"... talk to Rod Sterling.

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zookiebeyerdorf's Avatar

Well, if anyone could give me a sound answer it would be you...How you been, sir? I've missed your face...Forgive me if I don't share this info with the kiddies...They are fascinated and it would be like killing both Santa and the Easter Bunny, lol...By the by, Alexis which won the Williamj college scholarship, ;) is just about to graduate... She just finished her first apprenticeship with a non-profit for foster and adoptive services. So by your example, she is paying it forward...miss ya...

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kdc's Avatar

Hi Tannis...I like to believe we get signs from beyond. I don't try to make logical sense of them...If the kiddies find comfort in believing he is watching over them...let them believe. If you or other need to find the logic of it all, then go for it. One will not change the other ones' mind, no matter what explaination is given.

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Hey Tannis! Glad you checked in...   :)   

This is a tough one.  I know that spirits can drain energy from batteries; maybe that explains why the other 2 burned out more quickly?  Kinda freaky.  

What is the average # of hours the manufacturer says the strands will last?

Don't be such a stranger.  Happy Summer!

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zookiebeyerdorf's Avatar

Everything I could find on the internet said about 50 hours max...There still going Kim...

Well William aside,(and William ain't no dummy) but William aside, I think my dad was around in spirit when those lights went up. I had just put 2 of his paintings up right over the garland. Maybe his was so pleased, his energy some how supercharged those batteries...   :)

Darlene Batrowny
Kim L
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kiskom's Avataree_badge

In memory of your dad, always keep shining light in your heart and let your family and others see your light. 

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Hi Tannis and welcome back. A lot of it could be the number of lights on the string.  Are they all the same amount of leds in each string?  Are the the same size leds? Its possible that maybe the garland is providing some type of charge, static charge maybe. Or some one is secretly replacing the batteries. I have never seen them last that long. You say they are still on inside the box, still?  Figure this out and you may have a million dollar idea on your hands. Good luck!

Kim L
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