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Submitting to Edison after already self promoting

jjproductdev's Avatar

I have an idea for which I already reached out to Yulu, Spinmaster, Mattel, etc, and am awaiting response.

Am I still able to submit my idea here? What if one of those companies reaches out to me in next couple of weeks saying they are interested? Thanks!

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Joshua!

You're welcome to share any ideas as long as you outline the details of the prior disclosures within your submission. As outlined in our innovator agreement, the IP is not assigned to Edison Nation until there is a deal secured by our team.

If a company you reached out to prior to submitting your idea reaches out to you and you prefer to work with them directly, you're welcome to do so as long as the idea is not in Stage 7 of our evaluation process.

Hope this clarifies and best of luck!

Dan K
Karen C Adams
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jjproductdev's Avatar

Thank you.

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