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Want to work with a student Innovation Team?

tboult's Avatargold

I am the founder of the unique "bachelor of innovation" family of degrees, now serving 600+ students across 22 different majors, see innovation.uccs.edu  

Every semester we do 40-50 innovation team projects with clients. Normally I meet enough clients via networking but with covid that has been scaled back so  we have room for more clients for the fall which starts in 2 weeks, so  I am actively looking and I thought I would offer this opportunity to the Edison nation community. 

 If you have an invention you want to help move toward getting it out, and would like to have the help of one of our innovation teams please message me or just signup at https://innovation.uccs.edu/prospective-clients/   Majors include Computer Science, Cyber Security, Game Design,  EE, and Data Analytics in engineering + chemistry + 8 (most) fields of business + early childhood education +  plus multiple "arts" including  Digital Film Making, Music, Gallery and Museum Practice, Women and ethnic studies    We do expect projects to be multi-disciplinary and involve a diverse set of students from different majors and ideally at least 2 different colleges.   We have done a wide range of projects, from rapid prototypes (software/ee-type), market research, marketing materials, help with crowdfunding campaigns, game development, business development,  educational materials, and a lot more.   Note students are not supposed to use their "social networks", but can help clients with social media platforms for marketing using the clients contacts.All our students have taken courses in intellectual property and can help on provisional patents.  Students can deal with  Non-disclosure agreements and sometimes IP assignment.   

Clients are expected to provide direction and have 30min to 1hr  per week meeting (video/phone fine) with the team.     There is no up-front fees, we hope that if the students provide you value, then you give back to the program later.  

This is an opportunity for you to take a yet-to-be-submitted idea and flush it out, take rejected idea and try to update it with new market data/analysis,  and maybe add material to an in-progress submission (if that is allowed by edison-nation. )    

Feel free to message me if you have questions. 

Derrick James
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buffdon's Avatargold

Wow this sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I hope you are able to get some great collaboration going and inspire some future young inventors in the process! 

Derrick James
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tboult's Avatargold

Bumping up this thread as we head into another semester.   We have openings for many clients so if you have a project that could use student input,   We had 2 EN inventors as clients last semester and the feedback from both of them on the value  of the student to the project was very positive. Good enough that I believe both will be continuing for the spring term. 

In a discussion with another EN inventor, one possible project that might benefit many EN inventors  is having a team help you draft and do the paperwork for a provisional-patent.   While EN treats your ideas confidentiality,  protection can be more of an issue when you try to shop of the idea to companies, it is often very difficult to get them to sign an NDA and even if they do, if they have a parallel project ongoing then your idea is probably not covered by a NDA but may still be protected by a provisional.   

In case you are unaware a provision filing for a small entry is $130 and for a micro-entity is only $70.  Thus doing a provisional patent can be a very inexpensive way to protect yourself while you test the marketability.    Our team of students are NOT law students and we are not offering legal advice.  However will have taken a class that includes IP and drafting a patent and can help you do the work for your self-submission.   We have helped many clients file provisionals and a few draft their actual patent filings.   

If this is of potential interest please signup directly ASAP or contact me here to discuss.   

Rodney Goodrich
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