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Water conservation

greyfoxx's Avatar

Hi ED followers 

I have an idea for a simple water collection and storage product which I believe has tremendous potential in domestic, agricultural, industrial as well as rural areas. 

How do I go about presenting it to this forum and getting feedback on it?

All comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

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williamj's Avatargold


Concepts, and ideas are NOT discussed openly in these forums. To do so would be considered "Public Disclosure" and could put your chances of patentability at risk. In these forums, we only discuss things 'relating' to inventions and inventing in general.

By the way,

"Welcome to the EdisonNation Forums !!!."

Derrick James
Kenneth Gant
Elizabeth Crouch
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kimmyk's Avatargold

Anthony, welcome aboard!  Now, go to the top of the forum titles and start reading - all of it!  There's tons of info on how to go about this very long and complex process.  If you need help after you submit an idea, you can always email the help department at EN to maintain confidentiality.  Good luck!

Derrick James
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