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BOOK: PATENT IT YOURSELF- Highly Recommended!

zosomojo's Avatar

Hello all Everyday Edison’ers:

If anyone is considering applying for a patent (utility patent), I would highly recommend you read the book Patent It Yourself, by David Pressman. It’s been the ‘bible’ in the industry for years. You can learn all about patents, and feel comfortable with most of the ‘lingo’ after reading it.

Then, as I did, I would recommend you find the best patent attorney you can find/afford, and hire her / him to do the patent application and follow-ups with the patent office.

The book will help you understand the process and save you lots of time (and $) with your attorney, because you aren’t asking all sorts of questions you already learned. Also, when your attorney misses a detail or two, you can point them out, because you read the book / know your product’s specs, and know what’s up! (All attorney’s are really busy, and nobody knows the in’s-and-out’s of your design like you do).

I have 4 patents— going on 5— and I can’t stress enough taking the path of hiring a great patent attorney when it comes to utility patents. Design patents are relatively easy to do, and you can do those yourself (other than hiring a student or professional to do the required patent drawing). It’s all in the book, so stop fretting and go to your library and get the latest edition if they have it. Otherwise, check out nolopress.com for more info. on the book.
Or, just GOOGLE Patent It Yourself to find out more.


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lane's Avatar

Thanks for the recommendation. Knowledge is power, especially in this arena.

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tango5432's Avatar

Are you happy with your attorney Mr. Wightman? I am looking for an attorney also. I get mire confused the more I research the topic.

Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.


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sweedthings's Avatargold

You're right on the money Paul  and Lane. knowledge is power. I got the book and for better or worse I wrote my on patent application, did my own drawings, and claims. Responded to the Office Action when the examiner rejected every claim. Guess What? I got my patent approved! Inventor  Pro Se Baby.

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

I AGREE 100%... I originally purchased the book about 15 years ago (earlier edition) and I consider it the patent "bible" for the independent inventor. I credit the book with my ability to write my own patents the past 10+ years (that and a review of the official MPEP several years ago). STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (as I did in earlier posts)

Robert Pontius
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