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Can I patent a published hypothesis?

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I recently conceptualized a research idea for a novel gene editing method and submitted that idea to a journal article for publication. I am confident that it will be published sooner than later. In this context, after the publication of my article, can I patent my hypothesis? Will I get rights on the technology from my hypothesis. I appreciate your advice on this.


Karen C Adams
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magurn's Avatar

Hi Babloo! 

It is not Edison Nation's policy to provide legal guidance on patents or the patenting process. We would advise that you speak with a patent attorney to confirm next steps.

Best of luck!

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rharker's Avatar

Just so you know that you have 1 year in general after public disclosure to file for your patent in the US.  If you are with a university then you should be running this by their technology licensing office.  They have lawyers on specialists that can give you more legal advice.

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