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How much it cost to apply for provisional patent application

bmatar's Avatar

I tried to find how much it cost they say micro entity $70 and for small entity $140, when I searched thorugh USPTO they say $150 for small entity

Any help on that appreciated.  

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tact_trunk_monkey's Avatar

To qualify as a micro entity, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria: Qualify as a USPTO-defined small entity. Not be named on more than four previously filed applications.* Not have a gross income more than three times the median household income in the previous year from when the fee(s) is paid.


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bmatar's Avatar

Thank you Ken

Yes this is what  I gathered they need prove of income etc.. so I guess I am in the small entity I read through there website they say $150 then in the application itself it says $ 140. That was my question which is how much to pay for small entity?

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