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New Invention questions

lola777's Avatar

Hello, I have a modified idea of an existing electronic gaming console product. 

What  should I do first a Provisional patent or a regular patent?

My design for the product is new and revolutionary.

Is there any way to get prototypes to market without a waiting out the process and not shoot myself in the foot?

I don't want to license it at the moment, just fund it and go straight to market as a startup. 

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Sandra, before you jump in head-first, please please please start reading everything you can on this site about the process. The first few topics in the Forums will get you started.  You can also get a couple of good books on how to get a product to market without a patent, and of course, with one.  Look for Stephen Key and Roger Brown.  You can spend a boatload of money and lots of time that all lead to nothing if you don't know what you're doing, and your comments above tell me that.  Good luck!

Dan K
Karen C Adams
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