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hbmonsour's Avatar

I realize that some ideas may be novel but obvious and therefore unpatentable. Will Edison nation pursue such a product? It is worthwhile to submit something like this to them?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Henry!

Thank you for your question! As it is our goal to ultimately license the patentable features about the concepts submitted to us, if you know that a concept is not able to be patented, EN may not be a fit for you for that idea.

We wish you the best of luck!

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shmidster's Avatar

even though it may not be possible to get a utility patent it may still be just fine for a design patent based purely on the design features of the item

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rharker's Avatar

Given that design patents have become stronger in light of recent case law and the marketing potential that it offers, I submit design patents are a cheap alternative to the utility patent that does afford some protection.

This article explains it much better than I.

Not professional advice -- seek your own counsel.

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