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Patent Application Publication

johnmightysmith's Avatar


I have a question regarding a patent status. I've been searching around to see if there was a similar product to an idea that I recently have. After some digging around, I found one but it's a patent application publication and the current status says "application" The filing date was in 2007 which is almost 11 years ago. Does that mean the application is still under review or has it been abandoned? Also, if not granted can I use their documents to file a patent for my idea? Sorry for this noob question.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi John!

Edison Nation cannot provide legal guidance on patent matters. It is always our policy to recommend our innovators contact a patent attorney to get the appropriate response.

Best of luck to you!

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keeztan's Avatar

John Smith, the fact that you found prior art and documentation on a similar product I would think would preclude any claims that your product was novel or unique. Again, consult a patent attorney for legal advise. Good Luck

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