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terms of service

iljam's Avatar


I'm new here. 

I was reading through the "terms of service" before accepting them (some people actually do it :)) and was surprised by one thing, namely: "You acknowledge that the use of the Edison Nation Website may constitute or result in a bar to patentability of inventions".

Can somebody please explain what is meant here? Does this mean that any disclosure on this website implies publication?



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magurn's Avatar

Hi Ilja!

This is a great question and with respect to the statement above, we include this language in our terms of service because while our submission process is confidential, the website as a whole, is a public site. 

There have been instances in the past where people have shared the details of their ideas within these forums, or in Room 5, our Insider only area. That is considered public disclosure, and while the EN team does our best to deter these types of disclosures, the only true confidentiality we guarantee is for ideas submitted within our system.

Hope this clarifies and if you feel we're a fit for you, we look forward to reviewing your idea soon!

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iljam's Avatar

Thanks for the answer. 

So if I use your submission process, it's confidential, but if i share in any other way i take the risk that it is actually done in public. Right?

Is there an NDA step somewhere in the submission process?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Ilja!

Yes, you are correct. And, yes, the last step of the submission process is the agreement (electronically) of our standard innovator agreement which includes confidentiality. You are welcome to review that agreement before submitting by clicking on "Legal" on the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck!

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