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Will ILP Help Get a Provisional to Utility?

m3mason's Avatar

Hello, I can do most of the work and start a Provisional Patent Application, but I don't have the resources to hire an attorney for a Utility Patent. With the Insider Licensing Program, does Edison Nation assist with trying to turn a successful and licensed PPA into a Utility Patent? If so, does the inventor retain all IP rights?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Marc!

Edison Nation will take over all IP work if a product is licensed from either the ILP or one of our innovation searches. Until then, the IP maintenance is the responsibility of the innovator. 

When/if an idea is licensed and EN handles IP filings, the inventor remains as the inventor on the IP even though it is assigned to Edison Nation per our innovator agreement. To learn more and review the innovator agreement, please check out the Edison Nation Help Page before submitting.

Best of luck!

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