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The Scoop on Insider Membership

magurn's Avatar

Hey guys! 

New to EN or just curious about Insider Membership? We've put together a blog post providing you with everything you needed to know about being an Insider!

Click here to read more and please feel free to ask any questions about membership in the thread!

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bmatar's Avatar

do you have an app that we can access from the iphone

jerina gonzales
Skylar Davey
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javierg01's Avatar

What is the cost to submit ideas for insider members?

$20 or $100?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Javier!

Welcome to Edison Nation and we're glad to have you as an Insider! If you submit to one of our standard searches, the cost as an Insider is $20 per idea. If you submit a patented or patent-pending idea to the Insider Licensing program, the cost is $100 per idea.

Hope this helps to clarify and best of luck!


Asan Ali
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personal00403's Avatar

I was not clear on the insider track when I submitted my patented idea. I did the $20. Fortunately, I have made it to the finalist phase.. would it benefit me to join now? Thank you and...Merry Christmas!

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scardinal3's Avatar


Been a long time for me... was looking for archived submissions...cannot find them anymore...am I missing something? where are they?



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cbukey's Avatar

You have to  pick a category and  start the process “submit idea”. Once you click to submit, a list of your archived ideas shows up for selection.  You can choose an archived idea or submit a new idea from there. 

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scardinal3's Avatar

Thank you... I know I can get my ideas back.... I lost the archived submissions!!

Or maybe this is an insider's privilege? that may be the case...i use to be insider.


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