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Already have my idea patented and made. What now?

cobysimpson's Avatar

2 years ago I came up with several ideas. I just now made one of them a reality with a 3D printer I bought. It's fully functional and looks great. I'm just wondering would that help speed the process up with this company? 

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chappy75's Avatar

good for you... The title reads that you have a patent and text reads that you are working with EN.

This means you have chosen the exit and monetization strategy of "licensing". 

Now you get to say "NEXT!" Since you decided to exit. Time to get back to the drawing board and find whatever the universe has you find.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Coby and welcome to Edison Nation!

You are certainly welcome to submit your idea to Edison Nation to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities. As you have a patented idea, you may want to investigate upgrading to an Edison Nation Insider and submitting your idea to the Insider Licensing Program. You can learn more about membership and the program by visiting the Edison Nation Help Page.

From a timing perspective, while we start our evaluation of ideas within 24-48 business hours of submitting, the timing of pitching and hopefully securing a license varies. If a product is being pitched, while the team here will push as hard as we can to get answers and feedback, the potential partner companies being pitched have their own schedules.

One thing I would strongly suggest, is to review our Innovator agreement before you submit your idea to ensure our standard terms and conditions meet your needs. You can access this agreement by clicking on "Legal" on the Edison Nation Help Page.

We wish you the best of luck!

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