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Another new license product!

teddywd's Avatar

Another new license product is out January 12, 2017 for bathroom storage. For all inventors never give up!! Four new ideas coming.

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sunto's Avatar

Good luck with the sales of your new licenced product.

Your right about not giving up.

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sunto's Avatar

Well  that's a real negative spin .

Doom and gloom .

I think I should just pack it all in now and take all your advice . Not. 

Doom and gloom. 

And I like EN.

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sunto's Avatar

Sounds like you have had some bad experiences I totally understand all your points .

My products are not mass market products they are all work related around construction so I would probably waste my money joining EN . So really I have no choice in being them to market myself. Not everybody's cup of tea it's real hard work and you do a lot of  work for love . When things go right it's a great feeling but theirs always something round the corner to bring you back down to earth.

I wish you good luck with your EN submissions and hope to see others get successful product brought to market with a little help from EN.

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