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Are there companies that can buy my prototype if I do not have a patent?

grout's Avatar

I am in the tile business for over 22 years and one major issue in this trade is inconsistency of brand new grout colour after drying, and dirt accumulating on the grout lines over the years. Even though hardware stores have tools that claim to take care of these problems, none of them are efficient in doing the job. I made a professional innovative tool, unmatched by anything in the market, that truly does the job. PROVEN.

I do not have a patent for cost reasons. If anyone is interested in buying my finished prototype, contact me at: najoua.zarrai@hotmail.com and/or at  


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Najoua and Welcome to Edison Nation!

While we do not purchase prototypes, if you are interested in exploring licensing opportunities for your product, you're welcome to submit your idea to any one of our applicable innovation searches.

To get started, I'd suggest reviewing the information found not only within these forums, but on the Edison Nation Help Page.

I wish you the best of luck!

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