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Does Edison Nation help inventors with Supplements and such?

gru's Avatar

Hope this is the correct category.

I have an idea for a "supplement" or sorts, perfectly natural with a patentable delivery system for the active ingredient if nothing else, that can aleviate specific ailments within a day or 2, much faster than it's competitors that merely cover up the problem. 

The question is, can Edison Nation help with this? I've looked at some of the products they've helped inventors with and I don't see anything like my idea. 

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Charles and Welcome to Edison Nation! 

Glad to have you as an Insider!

We do have contacts within this space - please submit under the "Consumer Healthcare" search and we look forward to reviewing!

Best of luck!


Robert Pontius
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vitaminguy's Avatar

The greatest difficulty in this space is that most nutrients cannot be patented. But if you have a new delivery system that's never been contemplated before,  with empirical evidence to back it up, then patenting and licensing it may be possible. The Expo West trade show in Anaheim is coming up in March. You may want to check it out. But dont reveal your idea. If it is not patentable but still a good idea, someone will run with it, and likely cut you out. Best of luck!

Michelle Sartori
Robert Pontius
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