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Hasbro, Mattel or Milton Bradley?

thatcowboyguy's Avatar

I have created a family boardgame called “Where’s My Luggage?”

It is a suitcase matching game that uses a battery powered, rotating luggage carousel.

There is a demo of the game on YouTube that you can access from my website: ThatCowboyGuy

So I have been told that I should approach Hasbro or Mattel with publishing it.

So I figured I’d ask people with experience with these companies: Hasbro, Mattel or Milton Bradley? Of the Big Three, which one would be the best to approach first?

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torpedolynn's Avatar

The company whose web site provides a page for outside inventors. That is the company you want to approach. That shows they are going to look at your idea even if you are not one of their developers. If they want to see your idea they will e-mail you disclosure forms. Then you can actually submit the idea safely for them to view legally. Hope this helps you choose and good luck.

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thatcowboyguy's Avatar

Thank you Lynn, James and Roger for your feedback.

James: the link you posted is the one that actually got me to sign up for Edison nation…but I was curious why Milton Bradley wasn’t mentioned. I had no idea that Hasbro owned Milton Bradley, which proves how ignorant I am about the board game publishing industry.

I will try to be braver with the Search Button.

Roger: Your article on Toy Brokers/Agents was a huge wake up call for me. I didn’t know that after you paid the $125 to $300 per idea to review, that you still had to pay an additional $700 per idea to create a presentation for the target company.

I am going to do a lot more research in the next few weeks to figure out my game plan for getting “Where’s My Luggage?” published.

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countofmontecristo's Avatar

Hasbro is indeed the 800 lb gorilla when it comes to toys. They (Hasbro) earned over 1.5 billion dollars on the first two Transformers movies and also netted over 1 billion in toy sales. So the right toy can bolster the box office reciepts for movies quite well!

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thatcowboyguy's Avatar

Roger: Being nickeled and dimed to death would be my greatest fear.

Thanks for the advice.

Ralph: Hasbro should be my main target for first pass, but I will still do more research before I approach a broker/agent.

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ga_sk8er's Avatar

i know this is an  old thread but i  have a toy idea & i  tried to l ook  into  mattel  & hasbro.  i  hope you read the fine print before you told anything to  hasbro....you get 1.5% of the earnings from  your idea (out of $100  of sales,  you will  get $1.50 while they will  get $98.50). Mattel  has the same 1.5% deal  too but at hasbro  it only lasts for 10  years so  if your product lasts for more than  10  yrs like monopoly or barbie,  then  after 10 yrs,  you make no  more cash off your idea & they keep  it all.

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