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Invention Submission

amacklin's Avatar

Hello Matt,

When submitting ideas that are already patent protected, I was wondering if the inventor had an obligation to accept the 7.5% or 50% deal from Edison Nation if a company is interested in their idea?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Angel and welcome to Edison Nation!

When submitting an idea, the 7.5% royalty is for ASOTV submissions, where the 50/50 split is for our standard licensing deals. 

You can choose to submit your idea into our ASOTV search only or consideration if you'd like, which, if your concept successfully makes it through all stages of the ASOTV evaluation process, would yield the 7.5% royalty.

Hope this clarifies and best of luck!

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amacklin's Avatar

Thank you Michelle and Frank. This does clear things up.

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