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It's finally available!

mhickox's Avatargold

Hi!  I hope I can post this on here!  My product is finally available!  It took forever for Design and Utility Patents, dealing with copy cats, but I got through it all!  My product's website is:


Take a look!

Derrick James
Elizabeth Crouch
Adam W.
Michelle Sartori
Paul Ortega
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en1501's Avatar

Brilliant, you can remove/refill a side(s) without removing the whole deal from the table/porch/etc.  I like it! 

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paulortega's Avatar

Nice, Congrats on your accomplishment!

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sunto's Avatar

what a winner I wish you well with your product Mary . Look like a no brainier get it on Facebook I will share for you.

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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Best of luck Mary !! I know the time, sweat and persistence that you have put into it, sure it will pay off.

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

WOW.. simple Brilliance (DARN I should have thought of that :-))  Seems to be a great ASOTV item too?

Best of luck!!

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awildx's Avatargold

Way to go!  Best of luck with the product!

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keeztan's Avatar

Great Idea! Congrats!

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aubreyavila's Avatarg8_badge

That's awesome!! Great idea...wishing you much success. 

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kdc's Avatar

This IS a product that I will absolutely buy!  Great job Mary and congrats!

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betzy's Avatarg8_badge


Your product is so cute and a great idea!  As I love to help support fellow inventors, especially those on EN, I just placed an order and look forward to using them!  I think the kids will love them, too!

Hope you sell MILLIONS!!!

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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

Love the flexibility of this product, hope it's a big seller.

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Congratulations Mary.  Seems like a very practical product.  Great job!

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allig's Avatarg8_badge

Wow, congrats!  Really cool concept and idea!!

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Nice! Congratulations and best wishes for success!!

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