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Not sure what my next step is.

vickysplace's Avatar

So I came up with an idea. Out of my own necessity. My family tells me what a great idea it is. Not sure how to move forward with it. Thanks for any advice.

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williamj's Avatargold

Hi Victoria and Welcome to EdisonNation and the Edison Nation Forums !!!

What Frank just said.

But bear in mind... that while it can happen, it's a verrrry rare occurrence when someone hits the ball out of the ballpark at their very first time at bat.

So, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Best of luck, and again... Welcome !

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Victoria and welcome! We're happy to have you as a part of the Edison Nation community!

Confirming all the details provided by Frank and William. You are welcome to submit your idea to any of our applicable searches for consideration. In addition to the Help page that Frank noted, you can also learn a lot from these forums and from the "Inventor Resources" within the Edison Nation Blog!

Best of luck!

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