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Now WHAT?.. Products Developed- Need Help in Mass Sales and Marketing

patsdesigns's Avatar

Just found this forum here, and hope my topic is appropriate and in the correct place.

I have my own designs and inventions- my products developed, prototyped, manufactured and selling, but I need help knocking it out of the park with mass sales and marketing.

My expertise and passion is in engineering and developing products, backed with 45 years of the fabrication and machining skills needed to build what I create. Quality heavy duty designs that are manufacture production friendly and work… work in the real world.

I've done all of my own logo designs, packaging and branding, website, product photography and proof of concept to bring a product to life- probably 3-4 career hats and do a reasonably good job, but I need a strategic partnership of some sort, with a person or organization that can take what I do best and mass market it.

My latest launch recently sold well the very first week after it was introduced on YouTube, and has been well received, but I don't know how to keep that momentum going? Setting up outsource manufacturing, product fulfillment to scale I believe I can handle, with funding.

I've got another product line ready to go.  More products currently being developed, plus I have an improvement to an existing product that is so simple, so inexpensive, so good it would launch this existing product above it's competition and could be sold to previous customers as an upgrade kit. This not just a idea, this is prototyped, working flawlessly and looking great.

I need help, and I'm looking.  Any ideas or direction would be very much appreciated.

Warmest regards,


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Pat!

From Edison Nation's perspective, if you are looking for licensing opportunities for your products, you are welcome to submit those ideas to any one of our applicable innovation searches for consideration. 

To learn more about our process, how we work with innovators and to review our standard terms and conditions before submitting your idea(s), please visit the Edison Nation Help Page.

I wish you the best of luck!

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Pat first congratulations  that is a huge accomplishment . I don't know how your business is set up but have you thought about  engaging manufacturer's reps  for your industry ? I know depending on  specific Industries  there are different types of rep firms .  Second to that perhaps you are sales might support hiring an actual person  that's a more complex issue  but it sounds to me like you are looking for someone who is skilled in modern marketing techniques . I would think your local SBA would be a good source  or even your local Chamber of Commerce  again congratulations  it's nice to see people out there with their products . I'm in a similar situation where I am still trying to Market my generation one product but I have recently submit my generation to product to Edison Nation  I am hopeful that it will pass  through all of the processes  as I have never intended to start a business  best of luck to you  Crystal

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