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Pitching strategy

sparkjockey's Avatar

When a product idea works its way up through EN's stage 7 and is being pitched to interested licensees, does EN follow up with the licensee afterwards?  The reason I'm asking is because there's a strong possibility for marketing and sales managers to get sidetracked with huge workloads.  Products that have been pitched to them can end up forgotten on the bottom of the stack and can sit there for months or even years.... its a good idea to refresh their memories...

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Duane,

Yes, the Licensing Team does follow up after the initial pitch. I like to kindly refer to the strategy as "friendly stalking." :)

They are going to continue to follow up until we feel the opportunity may be exhausted or we receive feedback from the partner.

Duane Bartlett
Karen C Adams
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sparkjockey's Avatar

Ok! Thanks for the info.

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