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Presenting an idea to a company

mans's Avatar

Hello all

Well, I can declare that I am a capable inventor and designer with a lot of practical and useful ideas, along with other ineventors. The greatest my problem is my insufficient public relations or management ( or may be laziness LoL), after inventing and designing something. I don,'t go after my design or delay on presenting that to a company. The only my notable activity in this case, was getting domestic patent of a new wrench in Iran, after tens of other good ideas that I brought on paper, during the years! Nonetheless, I haven't presented the werench to a company yet, after one year! 

However, I received a public email from Edison National tonight that a handy tools company (Great Star) is looking for new hand tool inventions. I am not going to present the patented wrench, but have another innovation in this background and it is the idea of another multi functional wrench that hasn't any patent but I think it will be a very useful and producible general wrench. The problem is that I don't know what I have to do now, how do I present it to the company securely, and if the company confirms that the wrench is technical and useful for manufacturing, in what way I will can receive my money later.

Thank you


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Mansoor!

If you are interested in submitting your idea to Edison Nation's Great Star hand tool search, to get started, click "Submit an Idea" from the toolbar above and enter the details of your idea.

To learn more about our process, review our standard terms and conditions and more, please review the information found on the Edison Nation Help Page prior to submitting to ensure you are a fit for you.

Best of luck!

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Hi Mansoor, not sure why you would not want to submit both ideas.  Especially the one that has already been patented.  Patents are a good thing if they are current (i.e. not expired or abandoned).

DeSean Robinson
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glenninventor's Avatargold

I agree with Leo. You already paid good money for getting a patent. Why waste that? You can do the hard work of finding a manufacturer to license it from you, negotiating with them, and continuing to defend your patent – or you can let Edison Nation do the heavy work for you and use your free time thinking up additional inventions.

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